Prestige interior designing company provides best sourcing materials for interior designings in Hyderabad. Prestige interior designing company uses international sourcing materials for our interior designing, from all over the world, is one of our main features. Among these materials are, custom shaped lusters, expensive art, high-quality leather, handcrafted tiles, custom cut floorings, soft sheep wool rugs from Different countries.

Prestige interior designing company is directly imported for these international sourcing materials in Hyderabad, and their quality is perfect. These international sourcing materials are personally tested and accepted by our company, and these are perfectly suited for luxury interiors designed by us. our company usage directly sourcing them, we are saving the extra cost by cutting the middleman.

Prestige interior designing company Using these materials, among many others, makes our interior designs exquisite and allows us to create beautiful living environments. These exclusive and luxurious materials will give your home a lavish and spectacular feeling.

7 Step Process

We are the best-accepted service providers in the Interior field. The service offered by our organization is widely in demand and looked up to among clients for the unmatchable creativity of quality standards.

Site Measurement


Designing stage


Budget evaluation






Quality Checking


Handing over


Transperent working

Prestige interior designing company have a very specialized and transparent system of working for interior designings in Hyderabad. our company designs are approved by the client earlier, and there are no hidden charges.In prestige interior designing company, during the complete work process client is kept updated, with proper presentations and explanation. Our presentation style involves 3 D & 2 D visualizations, which gives the exact idea, of the final look of the room.

All expenses are discussed before. Unlike other firms, we do not quote higher prices on import sourced materials. our company try and keep within the budget assigned to us. Prestige interior designing company gives equal importance to all customers in Hyderabad.

Theme Capabilities

If you are thinking to have a theme for your work location, Living room, or kid's room, Prestige Interiors Services is your ultimate shop to all your interior designing needs. Nowadays, having a theme for your Residential or commercial establishment is becoming more and more popular, and India is one of them. We might not be as adventuress in accepting wild themes as our foreign counterparts, but most people are bored of the normal and want to have a different experience in interior designing.

We focus on designing themes of international standards. Our restaurant themes will inspire and amaze you, and are bound to increase your business differently. Theme designing by Prestige Interiors has won many accolades, as well as design awards. Our restaurant themes include Jungle theme, Village theme, Pirates theme, etc.

We create amazing theme rooms for children. These themes include Disney theme, and themes on other popular animation characters.

Technology Integration

Prestige Interiors specializer expertise means that we handle the integration of technology into your workspace from the beginning to finish. Through consultation, design, installation and ongoing service we will help you boost your interior space.

Prestige Interiors is an organization dedicated to setting diligence benchmarks and exceeding client’s outlooks through the integration of technology, dedicated employees and superiority products and service. Technology is integrated into all aspects of an convertible workspace to provide users the access and flexibility they need for increased communication and user productiveness.

One Stop Solution

Prestige Interior was founded to offer Turnkey Interior Designing resolutions for residencies. With over two decades of experience, we have Achieved distinction in making advanced Ambiences for a identifying Multifaceted Local and NRI clients.

We have an experience of over 7 Years in the field of Interior designing and Renovation. Which clearly shows how passionate and persistent we are Commitment to our commitments and transparent in our relations. We have a team of seasoned Architects and Interior Design Professionals having Decades of flexible Field Experience in the Interior Design, Architecture and Allied Operations.